When you have a local phone

Did not see it until 5 hrs later. Thank god. But did see nothing unusual on the streets or anywhere. No panic, all just the same.



With the sunrise in our back and with a clear view up to Mauna Kea in the back we left Big Island Hawaii at 6.30am this morning heading to Maui. The morning was so clear that we already saw Maui's 10.000ft volcano Haleakala when we left, guiding us the way through the windy passage. And yes, the wind did funnel between the islands. Maximum was about 37knots. So problem since we were sailing downwind.

It's been 7 years since I spent 2 awesome weeks vacation here touring the island and it is a total different approach arriving in a sailboat. From the water perspective it's just another beautiful island, but with two high volcano mountains and, like all Hawaiian islands, is not cruiser friendly. There is hardly a place to anchor or go in a little harbour. The harbours with their few spaces are full, the managers and harbours don't answer the phone. We got a mooring just off of Lahaina which belongs to Lahaina Yacht Club but it's unbearably rolly. So if that does not change until tomorrow we're off again right away, without ever seeing anything here other than the Yacht Club to pay for our night at the mooring. But where to go to? Lana'i has the same situation and Molokai has two unprotected bays and one little harbour but you can't get anywhere because there is hardly anyone living there. By mid January we want to be in Honolulu to make sure we find a place for Alita before I leave. It's not easy. No one takes reservations, you just have to show up and pray.
Ah, yes, and if you want a rental car you need to go to the airport- which takes 1,5hrs by bus. Also we're missing protecting reefs and good snorkel places at anchorage. But, you can find some places out there. However according to our information it's nothing like what we've seen in the South Pacific. And it's expensive here. But we knew all that before, you just don't want to believe it.
So, that's Hawaii from a cruiser's perspective. All of this is limiting the island experience but it does not take away the beauty of nature of these islands. It's already beautiful to just see it from the water, like the amazing sunset today. And hey, I've seen everything on Maui already :-)

What I love is that some sealife is here. My friends. In Hawaii we saw spinner dolphins perform a couple of times and here in Maui there are a bunch of humpback whales playing and splashing. Yes, it's whale season. Again. I just love these guys. And after all it was here, in Maui, it was the first time ever that I saw a whale breach (jump) and actually took a picture of it. 7 years ago.

Ok, here are: sunrise this morning with Mauna Kea in the center background

One of the bigger waves today who wanted to see what's inside the cockpit

My little monkey friend that my Stepmom gave me 7 yrs ago as a travel companion to Maui- so now he has trevelled with me for 7 years and actually came back here today. His battery is still working, so he still makes his monkey noise...


Molokini (left) and the second part of Maui (don't know the name, but in that mountain there is a beautiful green valley - see next picture)

Sunset over Lana'i from out mooring position



While still sailing along Big Island (first picture) you can already see Haleakala, the 10.000ft volcano of Maui. We'll anchor out here at the western tip of Hawaii and wait until we can cross the channel between the islands early tomorrow morning. This channel is extremely tricky, always lots of wind funneling through. As we're going closer to the cap the wind suddenly went from 0 to 20knots! Hopefully we can anchor here, if not we'll have to sail an hour back to the next little harbour.

Manu Kea Sunset & stars Hawaii

Exclusive photos Hawaii


Home for the next 3 days

Honokohau small boat harbour, meeting up with our Penrhyn sailing friends, who have their boat just a couple of slips further down the dock. On the way into the harbour we saw some spinner dolphins performing for the tourist boats. Fun!


Leaving Hilo

2 weeks after having arrived in Hilo we're now sailing around the bid island in the south and head over to the west coast. The time on this side has definitely been dominated by the volcanos. I just LOVE them. I stayed out many nights to take pictures with the stars out. On Mauna Kea and of Kiluea. Having (near) full moon out changed my original plans but still gave me nice shots, that all still require processing.
We made new friends (Bob and Carol, an ex-sailing couple with a botanical garden and photographer Harry), we met our Penrhyn sailing friends, we enjoyed fresh garden veggies, sun& rain & white christmas, watched lava come out of the earth and so much more. We just left out beaches, lately because of my wound.

We're sailing over night and hope to see some whales out there as they are already here. Yes, it's whale season again :-) And we'll pass by the lava flow in the dark, that will be exciting. Too bad there is no flow going into the water right now.

So long, happy new year